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who we are

Seccolor presents International quality windows , doors , partitions , glazing’s and many more with technology from M/s Industrie Secco S.P.A , Italy and High quality uPVC windows and doors made of Wintech profiles.

History :

Established in 1989 Seccolor is one of its kind organization which provides complete windows and doors solutions. Having satisfied some of the best in class construction and building companies ,Seccolor has proven its caliber over the years. With corrosion free steel , non-fading paint, Epdm gaskets and precision engineered components, seccolor systems are Elegant, Maintance free, offers Excellent sealing from water ,dust and are long lasting

Manufacturing process:

The galvanized colour coated steel coils are slit to required widths on a sophisticated slitting line specially made to handle galvanized colour coated steel.
The slit coils are then fed to the 32 station roll forming machine , one of the biggest ever imported in our country.

The machine produces profiles of intricate shapes including closed profiles. The roll forming line has special features like on line annealing and fly shear witch allows continuous operationsProfiles are cut to required sizes and assembled as doors, windows, partitions etc, with specially designed components and accessories. The cutting and assembling are done by precision tools and jigs.
The fabrication is made according to specified sizes as per customers requirement.


The group

Mr K. Ramachandra Raju was the original promoter of the company. He is considered to be a pioneer in the cement industry in India after successfully establishing and managing several chemical industrial units in the small scale sector.

In his individual capacity, Mr. K. Ramachandra Raju was also associated with the effort for revival of several sick industrial units. He was the Managing Director of the company from 1st November '79 till 21st September '95, and again from 10th August '01 to 11th January '03. The Late Mr. K Ramachandra Raju's sons, Mr. K Ravi and Mr. K Madhu, are Managing Directors in the NCL Group.

Mr. Raju was an iconic figure and trend setter within the construction industry, and a role model for aspiring entrepreneurs.


NCL Group Companies

NCL Alltek & Seccolor Limited is an NCL Group company manufacturing building materials. It has two divisions namely Alltek Division which manufactures plasters, paints, & putties. Seccolor Division manufactures cold roll-formed, pre-painted steel profiles to make doors & windows & was established in technical collaboration with Secco Spa of Ital.

This company is a result of the merger of NCL Seccolor Limited & Alltek Coating Products Limited. The two divisions complement each other in catering to the needs of the building industry.


Alltek Division, formerly, Alltek Coating Products Limited was established in technical collaboration with International Coating Products of Sweden. Alltek textures are unique & they come in non-fading natural colours. Alltek products have enjoyed ready acceptance in the Indian market owing largely due to the superior elegance they offer. Alltek has also developed a variety of plasters & putties required for construction & has for the first time introduced several cement based products in the Indian paint industry. It has established three more factories in the Indian states of Andhra Pradesh, Tamilnadu & Rajasthan in addition to existing factories in Andhra.

Over the course of time, Seccolor Division has introduced cost-effective & maintenance-free models of windows & doors. Seccolor windows & glazings have been supplied in the construction of numerous prominent buildings across India.


Recently, Alltek Division has introduced NCL AAC Blocks. NCL Blocks (lightweight fly-ash bricks) are manufactured in a state of the art Autoclave Aerated Technology plant at Kondapally, Near Vijayawada.

With a compressive strength of over 4 Mpa and weighing less than 600Kgs per cubic meter, NCL flyash bricks have almost double the strength of red bricks and with half of its weight. NCL Bricks have excellent thermal Insulation capacity, that reduce load on Air conditioning. With large size, light in weight NCL blocks, walls can be constructed, very fast.


Sizes : 600mm X 200mm X 100mm (4”) / 150mm (6”) / 200 (8”) / 225mm (9”)

Another recent introduction by Seccolor Division is of NCL ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) Doors.

These doors are -

  • Moulded & Ready-to-Use for Beautiful Interiors
  • Manufactured in Collaboration with KOS, South Korea
  • Strong & Impact Resistant
  • Maintenance Free
  • Real Wood Texturing Effect
  • Termite Resistant


The windows are fabricated from high quality UPVC profiles manufactured by NCL VEKA Limited (a joint venture company with Veka AG, Germany). These windows have high resistance towards natural element, high durability and long life, smooth surface for easy maintenance, perfect heat and sound insulation and superior aesthetics. These are casement windows NCL I-60 Casement, NCL I-60 Sliding and NCL I-64 windoors are recommended for club houses, premium hotels, premium group housing etc.


NCL Homes (Pvt.) Limited, also a group company, looks after construction of residential complexes & townships.

It has completed a number of projects in the twin cities of Hyderabad & Secunderabad in India & is expanding its activity in the Indian state of Karnataka.

Board Of Directors

Ms. Rajni Mishra Chairman
Sri. Ashven Datla Vice-Chairman
Sri. Kamlesh Suresh Gandhi Independent Director
Smt. Datla Shilpa Director
Sri Madhu Kalidindi Managing Director
Sri. Ambujodar Reddy Kanala Joint managing Director
Mr. Bhupatiraju Subba Raju Joint Managing Director
Mr. P Aditya Krishna Varma Executive Director
Mr. K Satya Subram Executive Director



Seccolor systems are eco-friendly, envisages conserving wood and low consumption of fuel. Aluminium uses several times more energy than steel, which means several times higher pollution*.

FUEL Steel (Per Ton) Aluminium (Per Ton) Times
Power KW/H 408 16,383 40.15
Light Diesel oil in Litres 0.12 184 1533
Coal in Tons 0.60 1.526 2.54

Considered as true green building product.


The specially designed EPDM gaskets give perfect sealing that prevents heat from entering the room. Resulting in reduced load on AC and achieve energy efficiency.