Smart Doors
Smart Doors
Smart Doors

Smart Doors

NCL Smart doors



  1. Water Proof
  2. Termite Proof
  3. Sound Absorption
  4. Eco-friendly
  5. Flame Retardant
  6. No Twists and Bends
  7. Maintenance Free
NCL Smart doors
  1. Suitable for
  2. Residential buildings
  3. Hotels, Offices & Retaurants
  4. Hospitals & Institutions etc

Models and Features

NCL Smart Doors
NCL 101
NCL Smart Doors
NCL 105
NCL Smart Doors
NCL 109
NCL Smart Doors
NCL 112
NCL Smart Doors
NCL 115
NCL Smart Doors
NCL 117


Eco-Friendly Threat for the Eco-System
No Maintenance Regular Maintenance
Moisture Resistant Retains Moisture
Termite Free Requires regular Special Treatment
Dimensional Stability (No Twists/Bends) High possibility of Bends/Twists
No Thermal Expansion Possible Thermal Expansion
Energy Efficient Poor Energy Efficiency
Easy Installation Installation takes time
Water Proof No Water Proof
Choice of Colors and Designs Limited Designs and Shades
Light in Weight Heavy in Weight
Does not Rot or Decompose Good chance to Rot or Decompose


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