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Structural Glazings

Structural glazings are fabricated from roll formed sections made of galvanized colour coated steel with a combination of specially designed components made up of crca with zinc phosphate. Required stiffeners will be inserted to take care of wind loads. A specially designed glass holding section will take care of Wight of the glass. Silicon will be applied to arrest water leakages.

Design & colors

CCGI Glazing
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Providing and Fixing Structural Glazing fabricated from Roll formed sections made of Pre-painted Steel / Powder coated (Base steel as per IS 513 of ā€˜Dā€™ quality, galvanized as per IS 277 with Zinc of 120 Gm/Sqm) with total coated thickness of 0.72mm. The glass holding section made of 304 grade stainless steel of 0.58mm thick.

Galvanized steel sections are to be sued as stiffeners inside the colour coated steel/powder coated sections as per the design requirement. Design calculations are made of suit wind pressures as given in IS 875. Primer coat with epoxy primer of 5 ā€“ 7 microns thick, finish painted with a polyester paint of 12-16 microns thick and back coated with Alkyd backer of 5-7 microns or powder coated with pure polyester powder up to 50-60 microns thick. The vertical section should be of 50mm x100mm x 0.72mm, 33mm x 58mm x 0.72mm for frame horizontal section, stiffener section should be 48mm x 98mm x 1mm, cover profiles sections should be of 20mm x 58mm x 0.58mm, Glass holding section should be of 37mm x 37mm & 37mm x 18mm. Including 5mm thick Ocean Blue reflective glass. Brackets made of CRCA powder coated/Electroplated should be used to connect vertical to horizontal, vertical to slab, to fix verticals at top & bottom as per site requirement.

Gasket made of Ethyl Propylene Diamine Monomer. Natural cure, with Good U.V. Resistance Silicon to be used. Wall fixing of sections to concrete/masonry wall should be with self-expanding cap & screws. The rate is inclusive of cost and conveyance of all materials to site, all labour charges, incidental charges, cost of all consumables etc. and scaffolding charges, form work etc. complete for finished item of work.

Cross Section

CCGI Glazing